HID - EXO 1000 Series

HID Global EXO RFID transponders are the most tough and versatile tags designed for heavy industry and outdoor applications. These lightweight tags are suitable for the application areas of asset tracking, waste management, logistics and automotive.

The 1000 Series can be mounted on any material while maintaining a read range up to 33m. This durable range is intended for heavy-use vehicles and conditions with availability options for ATEX/IECEX/C1D1 environments.

HID Globals patented 3D antenna offers omnidirectional reading capability independent of the mounting material. Exo tags improve data collection accuracy and speed while remaining cost effective and waterproof. They are able to resist high-pressure/high temperature washing conditions while remaining high impact and chemical resistant. EXO tags mount on metal, plastic or wood using screws, rivets or welding options.

RAIN RFID UHF enables anti-collision functionality, fast data-rate communication and password protection for precise, reliable reading. HID EXO tags are compliant with EPC global-certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and modules with functionality for international standards.


  • Extreme durability with resistance to outdoor elements and high impacts
  • Reliable performance for metal and non-metal surfaces
  • Waterproof under high pressure & temperature conditions
  • Fully interoperable, standards compliant
  • Mounting options include screws, rivets, nails and welding


Product EXO 1000 EXO 2000 EXO 3000
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 110 mm 25 mm 12.7 mm 139.2 mm 53 mm 15.8 mm 174 mm 70 mm 17.8 mm
Weight 18.3 g 64 g 85 g
Housing Material PC ABS Blend
Colour Grey (Transparent Option) Grey
Mounting Methods Screw, Rivet or Premium Foam
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature -40C to +85C
Storage Temperature -40C to +85C
Ingress Protection IP68
Shock/Fatigue -40 to +85 C, 100 x 5 min with 20 sec transition
Impact 3kg steel, 1m 25kg steel, 1m
Communication Characteristics
Operating Frequency 860 MHz - 956 MHz (Worldwide)
Chip Type Monza 4QT M730 Monza 4QT
Memory 128 bit EPC + 96 bit TID + 512 bit user memory 128 bit EPC 128 bit EPC + 96 bit TID + 512 bit user memory
Read Distance Up to 10 m Up to 20 m Up to 33 m

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
EXO 1000, UHF M4QT
CP12826 HID EXO 1000, UHF M4QT, 110x25x13, PC/ABS $5.61 A6
EXO 2000, UHF M4QT
CP15974 HID EXO 2000, UHF M4QT, 139x53x15, PC/ABS $21.34 A6
EXO 3000, UHF M4QT
CP12121 HID EXO 3000, UHF M4QT, 174x70x18, PC/ABS $19.69 A6