HID - eTamper Seal Tag

HID Global's eTamper Seal Tags are passive contactless HF/NFC-V transponders that stop working when the sealing wire loop is broken, making tampering evident via RFID. Whenever it is important to authenticate an item the tag has been affixed to, or ensure a compartment has not been opened since the time of sealing, these tags should be applied.

eTamper Seal Tags are easily affixed by closing the robust wire loop through an opening similar to securing a padlock. Once attached to an item, the wire loop is closed to make the tag operational. To remove a tag, the loop must be broken, rendering the tag permanently unreadable.

Tamper evident tags ensure that they cannot be removed and maliciously re-used. However, the pull strength has been optimized so that a human can break it when needed, but the tag does not accidentally open.

The eTamper Seal Tag transponders ensure valuable items cannot be exchanged for less valuable imitations during transportation and distribution. This is especially important when merchandise must pass through international ports without oversight or is handed out to prospects for trialperiods. In addition to merchandise, the tamper evident tag may also be used as an “intelligent” seal, enabling more effective tracking of use and maintenance of mission critical items like fire extinguishers and automated external defibrillators (AED).

These tiny HF tags provide 896 bit (112 byte) of programmable memory and may be used as NFC Type 5 tags for interaction with NFC compliant phones or industrial readers. HID Global Seal Tag eTamper may be ordered personalized with custom encoding, laser engraved logos, Bar-/QR-code or text.


  • Fully interoperable, standards compliant
  • Tiny, elegant form factor
  • Electric Tamper Evident – stops working when seal broken
  • Waterproof; resistant to chemicals, impact and UV rays
  • HF 13.56 MHz version readable with ISO/IEC 15693 compatible devices
  • Large 896 bit user memory


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 23.3 mm × 17.5 mm × 3.3 mm, with 65mm Seal wire loop
Weight 1g
Housing Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Base Colour White
Mounting Method Hangs by closing the seal wire
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +90°C
Pull Force 10 N minimum (connector should not pull out)
Shock/Fatigue -40° to +90° C, 100 x 5 min with 30 sec transition
Communication Characteristics
Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Factory Options Laser engraving, encoding

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] HID - eTamper Seal Tag
9-9860-600-5 629960 Seal Tag eTamper $4.73 C
White, Plin (No Logo or printing)