HID - Epoxy

HID Global Epoxy Tag RFID transponders are constructed for optimal performance under harsh conditions.

Epoxy housings protect advanced integrated chips, enabling the use of RFID technology to accelerate logistics speed while improving data accuracy in a broad spectrum of rugged industrial applications.

Epoxy Tag units are resistant to fuels, mineral oils, petroleum and salt mist. They repel moisture even in high temperature, high pressure washes. Unrelenting performance despite temperature fluctuations allows Epoxy Tag transponders to adapt to demanding applications. These tags can tolerate repeated autoclaving in medical applications, and plastic injection molding processes for permanent embedding into industrialcomponents, equipment or containers.

Each micro thin Epoxy Tag device has a smooth surface, which may be imprinted with customized visual codes or artwork.

Epoxy Tag transponders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and may be adhered with glue, secured with screws, or embedded in a custom housing, depending on the application.

The Epoxy Tag Keyfob features a unique chip that optimizes NFC program security, utility, and ease-of-implementation when deployed with HID Trusted Tag Services, a cloud-based authentication platform that adds a non-replicable identity to each interaction.

In addition, HID Global can create a custom Epoxy Tag solution to fit any application requirements for chip type, dimensions or programming.


  • Fully interoperable, standards compliant - 865-956 MHz(Worldwide)
  • Black Epoxy housing.
  • Waterproof; chemical and impact resistant.
  • Fixation options include nails, screws, and glues.
  • 512-bit user memory plus 96-bit EPC, and 64-bit TID.


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 83 mm 25 mm 1 mm
Weight >1g
Housing Material Epoxy
Colour Black
Mounting Method Glue, screw-on, or encapsulate
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature -40C to +85C
Storage Temperature -40C to +85C
Ingress Protection IP67
Shock/Fatigue -40 to 140 C (100x5 min with 30 sec. transition)
Communication Characteristics
Operating Frequency 860 MHz - 928 MHz
Chip Type Higgs3
Read Distance Up to 8 m
Chip Features
Memory 512 bit user memory, 64 bit TID, 96 bit EPC
Anti Collision Yes
ISO Compliance EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2
Options Custom printing or laser engraved logo or code
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] HID - Epoxy UHF Tag
Stock Line
9-9860-620-4 698970 Epoxy Tag, UHF Global 83x25x1mm $4.51 C