HID - Seal Tag edTamper

The HID Global edTamper Seal Tags are tamper evident passive transponders that allow detection of their seal status via RFID. The edTamper tags uses RAIN RFID to identify tags with a broken seal amongst a large number of sealed items. With a quick scan of a UHF reader, tags with broken seals are identified without the need for physical examination.

Seal Tag edTamper can be affixed to items by closing the sturdy wire loop through the padlock opening. Once sealed, a bit in the tags memory indicates this status, which can be detected with a standard UHF RAIN RFID reader. This unique features allows tamper evident tags to be identified both visually and through a digital confirmation. Typical applications within logistics and asset tracking include sensitive and highly-secure items such as airline life vests and fire extinguishers that require periodic safety and security checks.


  • Tamper evident to detect broken seals via RFID
  • Fast and efficient application
  • Large user memory
  • UHF standards compliant
  • UHF read range up to 4m
  • Detect the status of items without opening storage containers during security checks


6E5961 6K2963
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions TAG: 39mm 14mm 3.6mm
Seal wire: 78mm
TAG: 95mm 42.5mm 8mm
Seal wire: 80mm
Weight 2g 32g
Housing Material PC/ABS ABS
Base Colour White
Mounting Method Integrated Wire Loop
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature -40C to +70C
Storage Temperature -40C to +70C
Pull Force > 10 N > 30 N
Shock/Fatigue -40 to +70 C, 100 x 5 min with 30 sec transition
Communication Characteristics
Operating Frequency 860 MHz - 960 MHz (Worldwide)
Chip Type UCODE G2iM+ EM | AURA
Memory 112 bit user memory + 256 bit EPC + 96 bit TID 2 kbit user memory + 416 bit EPC + 48 bit TID

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] HID - Seal Tag edTamper UHF RFID Tag
6E5961 Seal Tag - UHF eTamper $6.49 A6
6K2963 HID Seal Tad edTemper Evident UHF OM, Sleeve Loop, TAA Compliant $24.31 A6