Epson - LQ-680
Report Printer

The LQ-680 offers ultra reliable flatbed printing with Epson quality and speed. Like all impact dot matrix printers in the range this highly developed impact technology remains the most efficient, productive and cost effective way to print on multi-part stationary.

The Epson LQ-680 features rugged Epson construction that ensures reliability, whilst the print head life and total volume have been extended to suit even the most demanding of environments. Paper handling versatility is evident with three-way paper handling from the front, rear or top together with crisp, clear output achievable on multi-part forms up to six layers thick. Improved front-in, front-out paper handling ensures that front-loaded cut sheet paper and single-sheet, multi-part forms emerge right-side up for instant legibility, whilst an optional cut-sheet feeder can also be added simply and easily for the convenience of pre-loading paper.


  • Reliable and Durable 24 pin flat bed wide carriage impact printer
  • Handles up to 6 part forms (1 original + 5 copies)
  • Prints up to 413 characters per second (10 cpi)
  • Flexible paper paths (Front, rear and top)
  • 8 built-in barcode fonts
  • Euro symbol as resident printer font
  • Standard bi-directional parallel interface
  • Standard 1 year warranty with 2 year extension optional available


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions497(w) x 387(d) x 230(h)mm
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature5C to 35C

10 - 80% Relative Humidity

Printing Characteristics
Print Method24 Pin Dot Matrix
Print SpeedHigh Speed Draft10CPI - 413cps
Draft15CPI - 465cps
Draft12CPI - 372cps
Draft10CPI - 310cps
Draft20CPI condensed - 206cps
Draft17CPI condensed - 175cps
LQ15CPI - 155cps
LQ12CPI - 124cps
LQ10CPI - 103cps
LQ20CPI condensed - 206cps
LQ17CPI condensed - 175cps
Bitmap FontsEpson Draft10, 12, 15 cpi
Epson Roman10, 12, 15 cpi Proportional
Epson Sans Serif10, 12, 15 cpi Proportional
Epson Courier10, 12, 15 cpi
Epson Prestige10, 12 cpi
Epson Script10 cpi
Epson Script CProportional
Epson OCR-810 cpi
Epson Orator10 cpi
Epson Orator S10 cpi
Scaleable FontsEpson Roman8 to 32 pt
Epson Sans Serif8 to 32 pt
Epson Roman T8 to 32 pt
Epson Sans Serif H8 to 32 pt
BAR CODE FONT EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 128, PostNet
Printable ColunmsPitch 10 CPI106 characters per line, 10 character
Pitch12 CPI127 characters per line, 12 character
Pitch 15 CPI159 characters per line, 15 character
Pitch 17 CPI181 characters per line, 17.1 character
Pitch 20 CPI212 characters per line, 20 character
Character Sets1 legal character set
14 international character sets
13 character code tables (Standard)
Italic, PC437, PC850, PC861, PC863, PC865, Abicomb, BRASCII, Roman 8, ISO Latin 1, PC858, ISO8859-15
Media Specifications
Size (Cut Sheets)Width: 90-304.8 mm
Length: 70-420 mm
Size (Tractor Feed)Width: 101.6-304.8 mm
StandardCentronics Parallel
OptionalExpansion slot (Epson Type B Interfaces)
MVBF20,000,000 Lines (Excluding Printhead)
MTBF10 000 POH - 25% Duty Cycle
Print Head LifeApprox. 400 million strokes/wire
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Epson LQ-680 (Data Cable must be ordered seperately)
C11C376041 LQ-680 24 Pin Printer $902.00
[B] Accessories
C12C811141 PRH Paper Roll Holder LX-300+II/890/2190/, LQ-300+II/590/2090/680/2190 $231.00
C12C824432 32KB Serial Interface Card $99.00
C12C824352 NW-352 EsponNet 10/100 Base Tx Ethernet $561.00
[C] Cable Assemblies
2-5102-020-9 CA102-2 Parallel Print Cbl 2M $8.80 A
2-6088-020-0 CA6088-2 Serial D9 Skt to Printer (2m) $8.80 U1
2-6270-020-5 CA6270-2 USB 2.0 Cable A/B, Black - 2m $7.70 A
[D] Consumables
C13S015262 ERC-5262 LQ-860/860+/1060/1060+/2550/670 $17.60
[E] Extended Warranty