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BHT Basic 4.0 Transfer Utility

The BHT Basic 4.0 Transfer Utility is a tool used for the transfer of data between a computer and your Denso BHT Handheld Terminal.

This program can be used as is in a stand alone situation, or, with the addition of the Transfer Utility DLL Pack, can be incorporated within your own software application by an appropriate programmer.

Transfer of both data files and programs can be acheived in either of two types protocols, the BHT-I protocol, as in the conventional BHT-BASIC3.0 Ir Transfer Utility, or the Ymodem Batch protocol.

Data values in files received from the BHT Handheld can be separated by a given delimiter. With this feature, each data file is received in the CSV file format, delimited by commas for smooth exchange of data between EXCEL and ACCESS applications.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] BHT 4.0 Transfer Utility
9-3921-210-9 SW2121 BHT Basic 4 Transfer Utility $242.00 U1
[B] BHT 4.0 Transfer Utility DLL Pack
9-3921-200-0 SW2120 BHT Basic 4 Transfer Utility DLL $242.00 U1