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Development Tool - BHT Basic 4.0 Remote Debugger

The Denso BHT Basic 4.0 Remote Debugger software is a software tool used to greatly reduces debugging work in the development of BHT software. Single line stepwise execution can be performed, and breakpoints can be set to monitor the running state of a program. Easy debugging of programs can be achieved by checking the value of variables and the state of the stack.

The communication area (an optical communication port and connector) in the application program cannot be debugged as communication with the BHT while debugging is ongoing. Debugging of wireless communication however, can be achieved, since it has a separate port.

Managing multiple application programs as one workspace can be achieved, allowing collective debugging, even when switching between different application programs. There is also a feature that compresses a BHT application program to transfer at high speed, allowing fast upload of debugged programs.

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[A] Denso BHT Basic 4.0 Remote Debugger
9-3921-190-4 SW2119 BHT Basic 4 Remote Debugger $242.00 U1