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Development Tool - BHT Basic 4.0 Development Pack

The BHT Basic 4.0 Development Pack is a suite of programs and utilities suitable for compiling BHT-BASIC code for all the Denso BHT Basic 4.0 Family of Barcode Handy Terminals.

This pack includes the BHT 4.0 Compiler, BHT Basic 3.6 Compiler (for use with earlier BHT units),Remote Debugger and Transfer Utility. Software development can start immediately, with the tools provided, for all current model BHT units.

Since BHT Basic is an easy to develop Programming Language, ideal for handheld terminals, this development package offers unique barcode reading functions with single commands. Included in the package are commands and functions exclusively used for barcode reading and data reception/transmission. As BHT-BASIC operates in the interpreter environment, reliable operation, free from failures caused by potential programming errors, such as breakdown, or memory destruction is realized.

Key Features

  • Light and compact operating system - very stable and does not crash: compare this to Windows application development.
  • Requires significant less memory than WinCE devices.
  • Easy to understand and learn: write you own program the first day.
  • Easy to develop application: inbuilt data capture functions available. No need to write your own.
  • High level language: similar to MS Visual Basic.
  • Only modest or no programming experience required.
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] BHT 4.0 Development Pack
9-3921-180-5 SW2118 BHT Basic 4 Developers Pack $484.00 U1
[B] BHT 4.0 Development Upgrade Kit
9-3921-170-6 SW2117 BHT Basic 4 Upgrade Pack $242.00 U1