_Datacard - SP75
Laminating Card Printer

The Datacard SP75 Plus card printer combines the speed and power of professional-grade card printing with the overall versatility you need to deliver high-quality cards for corporate, education, loyalty, entertainment and other markets. In addition to this the SP75 has been engineered to produce highly secure IDs as required by government agencies, high-tech corporations, universities and other security-minded organizations to protect people, facilities and critical assets.

The SP75 Plus card printer offers one standard laminator and optionally a second laminator, both of which can apply virtual edge-to-edge laminates that cover 95% of the card. These laminates extend card life and help defend against tampering. Ultraviolet fluorescent printing capability also comes standard. Additional security options include theft deterrent software, a hardware lock suite that secures active supplies, blank card stock and rejected cards, and a Kensington lock port so the printer itself can be secured.

Use the SP75 Plus card printer to laminate cards printed by another printer or print cards without laminating. You can apply the same security laminate to both sides of the card or apply different laminates to each side to improve cost-efficiency. The printer also offers field upgradable options for smart card, proximity card and magnetic stripe encoding.


  • Black, Single colour or Multi colour printing
  • Windows Drivers Supplied
  • 300 dpi printing
  • Easy card loading in 100 Card Hopper
  • Card Laminating Ability
  • LCD Status Display
  • Optional 200 Card Hopper/Locking Hopper
  • Optional Magnetic Stripe Encoder, Smart Card or Proximity Card Writer
  • Ethernet Standard
  • Outstanding Reliability
  • Datacard IDWorks Software Support
  • Two year warranty


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions252 (w) x 588 (d) x 597 (h) mm
Weight12.25 Kg
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature15 to 35C
Storage Temperature-15 to 60C
Operating Humidity20 to 80% non-condensing
Storage Humidity10 to 90% non-condensing
Printer Characteristics
Print methodThermal Transfer
Copy capacityOne Original, Virtual Edge to Edge, Single or Double Sided
Lamination and TopcoatSuperior full or patch coverage, for lamination or topcoat, Laminate without printing
Control Panel3 button Backlit LCD Panel with audible and visual message prompts
Card Specifications
TypeISO ID-1/CR-80 cards
PVC with glossy laminate surface
Clear cards (with clear card print option)
Other core materials with PVC overlaminates are optional
Size53.98 x 85.6 mm
Thickness0.23 to 1.4 mm
In Hopper Capacity100 Cards
(Optional 200 Card Input-Hopper)
Out Hopper Capacity40 Cards
(Optional 200 Card Output-Hopper)
Print speed
Full ColourUp to 175 cards per hour(one-sided print and laminate)
Up to 165 cards per hour(two-sided print and laminate)
Up to 105 card per hour (two-sided print and two-sided laminate)
Dots Per Inch300
Input220 - 240V/AC 50/60Hz
DriversWindows 2000/XP
Duplex Lamination2nd Side Laminator
Input Hopper200 Card Input Hopper
200 Card Locking Input Hopper
Output Hopper100 Card Output Hopper
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Datacard SP75 Card Printer
[B] Ribbons (not all listed)
[C] Laminates
[D] Cards
D101-003-010 ID Card - Blank White (no Mag Stripe) (500) $110.00 C3
D101-003-597 ID Card - Blank White Mag Strip (Lo Co) (500) $149.60 C3
D101-003-798 IDC-MH ID Card - Blank White Mag Strip (Hi Co) (500) $165.00 C3
D101-004-548 IDC-MH ID Card - White - Blank with Signature Panel (500) $165.00 C3
[E] Software