CUSTOM TK300 Series
Ticket Printer

The Custom Engineering TK300 Series are the most advanced ticket printers on the market for applications requiring durability with reliability and latest technologies, where heavy duty printing is required. These printers can be equipped with an optional barcode scanner for validating pre-printed barcoded tickets as well as one of several RFID modules for printing to HF and UHF Tags. The optional barcode scanner makes TK300 suitable for all ticketing applications where the fraud risk is high and enforcing access control is required. The barcode scanner is embedded inside the printer for a very secure and real-time scanning process. TK300 printing is fast, with up to 200 mm/s print speed for tickets and is able to print widths from 20 to 82.5 mm. This is easily adjustable by the user. Paper/ticket thicknesses from 80 to 255 gsm are able to be used.

The TK300 is available with an optional Ethernet interface that has an integrated web server, allowing complete remote monitoring and real-time diagnostics of the printer. The integrated mail client can automatically send an e-mail to inform you of a possible support need, or simply to ask for a new paper roll.


  • 1D and 2D barcodes printing
  • Designed for High Volume Ticket Printing
  • 200 or 300 Dot Per Inch Printing
  • Serial, USB and Optional Ethernet interfaces
  • Fully adjustable bottom and top ticket sensors
  • Inbuilt Web Server
  • Internal storage for Fonts and Images
  • Integrated or detached power supply for flexibility of installation
  • Optional Triple paper stock feeder (3 lines version)
  • Integrated Barcode Reader option to Pre-Validate Tickets
  • HF and UHF RFID Reader Options
  • 12 Months Warranty


 Physical Characteristics
257 mm
216 mm
216 mm
7.2 kg
Print Speed
Upto 200 mm/sec
 Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature
0 to 50ēC (10-85% Relative Humidity)
Storage Temperature
-20 to 70ēC (10-90% Relative Humidity)
 Power Characteristics
Power Source
100 - 240 V/AC
Power Consumption
200dpi Printer
300dpi Printer

35 W
51 W
9 W
USB, Serial
 Media Specifications
Ticket/Label Width (maximum)
Ticket/Label Width (minimum)
82.5 mm
20 mm
Ticket/Label Length (maximum)
Label Roll Diameter (maximum)
300 mm(Max.)
Core Diameter
25-76 mm
 Print Specifications
Width (maximum)
80 mm
Print Resolution
8 dots/mm (203 dpi) or 12 dots/mm (300 dpi)
 Auto ID (Barcodes/RFID)
UPC/EAN, Code 39, Code 128, CODABAR, Cpde 93, Code 32
PDF417, DataMatrix, Aztec, QR Code
HF Option: ISO 14443A (Mifare 1K, 4K), Ultralight, ISO 15693 (I-Code)
UHF Option: ISO18000-6C (EPC)
16MB Flash
Upto 2MB Graphics Memory Allocation
1 SD slot (Upto 2GB)
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Custom TK300 Printer
9-5210-030-8 TK-302 Heavy Duty Ticket / Barcode Printer, 54 - 82.5mm, 203dpi, 70 - 255 GSM, >250mm/sec, USB / RS232 / Ethernet, Power Supply included $4,125.00 U1
[B] Custom TK300 Printer with integrated RFID
9-5210-031-5 TK-302-RFID Heavy Duty Ticket / Barcode Printer, 54 - 82.5mm, 203dpi, 70 - 255 GSM, >250mm/sec, USB / RS232 / Ethernet, RFID WHF 13.8 MHZ Power Supply included $3,025.00 U1
[C] Accessories
9-5210-039-1 TK302-MRH TK302 Media Roll Holder $319.00 U1
9-5210-038-8 TK302-MTH TK302 Media Ticket Holder $55.00 U1
9-5210-037-7 TK302-MTH-S TK302 Media Ticket Holder (Shorten Version) $88.00 U1
[D] Cables
2-6379-018-7 CA6379-1.8 USB A to USB B R/A Cable Black - 1.8m $16.50 U1
26500000000331 TK302-CAB-RS Serial Printer Cable D9P to D9S with Cable Side Entry $33.00 U1
[E] Replacement Printhead
43000000043700 TK-302-PH Print Head 203 DPI for TK-302 $284.90 C5