BlueCats BLE Beacon's

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons from BlueCat's have been designed to meet the cutting edge needs of the market, that are both reliable and easily scaled.

The BC413 Coin Beacon offers a super small footprint beacon for quick deployment which includes a very easy to replace battery for longer service life. Re-use this model in multiple settings to ensure continued analytics and insights.

The BC313 AA Beacon is designed as a permanent mount beacon with user replaceable AA Drycells for long life and easy maintenance.

The BC203 USB Beacon provides the ability to add a normal simple BLE presence to any device with a powered USB socket, as well as dynamic 2-way Host level functionality for use in an unlimited number of advanced use cases.

The BC010 Module. Based on an ultra-low power wireless MCU this module can be connected directly to a battery or SMT soldered to a host PCB and is ideal for data logging from BlueCats Sensor Boards while the rest of the system is in sleep mode. This module is perfect for application where battery life, small form factor, RF performance and speed to market are important.


  • iBeacon Support
  • Eddystone Support
  • 2 Way data transfer
  • Serial API's
  • Platform Agnostic
  • AES 128 Encryption


BC413 Coin Beacon
BC313 AA Beacon
BC203 USB Beacon
BC010 BLE Module
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 52 mm x 27 mm x 7 mm 76 mm 76 mm 28 mm 18 mm 14 mm 6 mm 19.4 mm 14.9 mm 4 mm
Weight 6g with Battery 50.5g without Battery 1.42g 1.2g
Housing Material ABS Plastic ABS Plastic Plastic & Stainless Steel -
Colour Black/White Black/White Black -
Mounting Method Keyring Hole Wall mount attachment bracket, supplied, stick or screw USB-A Socket Custom OEM
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature -30C to +60C -18C to +55C
Battery Limit
-40C to +85C -40C to +85C
Storage Temperature -30C to +60C -18C to +55C
Battery Limit
-40C to +85C -40C to +85C
Radio Characteristics
Operating Frequency 2.402GHz to 2.480GHz
Bluetooth Specification Bluetooth 4.1
Transmit Power up to +5 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity -97dBm
Antenna High Performance Integrated PCB Antenna High Performance Integrated PCB Trace Antenna Integrated Ceramic High Performance Integrated PCB Antenna
Proximity Detection, Line of Sight up to 400m
Normal Operating Range 100m
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] BlueCat Beacon's
Coin Beacons
BC413-W Coin Beacon - White $26.40 D
BC413-B Coin Beacon - Black $26.40 D
AA Beacons
BC313-W AA Beacons (Cats Head) - White $50.60 D
BC313-B AA Beacons (Cats Head) - Black $50.60 D
BC313-WS AA Beacons (Cats Head) - White - Sealed $59.40 D
BC313-BS AA Beacons (Cats Head) - Black - Sealed $59.40 D
USB Beacon
BC203 USB Beacon $44.00 D
OEM / Modules
BC010 OEM Module $23.10 D
[B] Platform
For platform details including Bluecats private BLE network, contact
[C] OEM Services
UMD can custom design beacons using the BC010 OEM module, including integration to sensors, to meet your exact requirements.