Denso BHT Series PDE

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] BHT Easy Pack Pro/Plus
Easy Pack Pro for the BHT series enables easy creation of customised data collection files, without the need to program in BHT-Basic. Features include: displays data items in alphanumeric order; displays number of records remaining; displays the current time in the "collectdata" mode; sets the format of the data field; sets the automatic power-off function; review or modify collected data.
[B] BHT Basic Compiler and Utilities
The BHT-Basic 3.6 Compiler is now downloadable from the Denso Website at no cost - See Below. It is suitable for compiling BHT-BASIC code for the BHT 8000 Barcode Handy Terminals. The compiled code is downloaded into the BHT. Parameters are available for assisting in debugging. In addition multiple file can be set in the "file" menu to enable efficient switching between files.
9-3921-180-5 SW2118 BHT Basic 4 Developers Pack $484.00 U1
BHT-Basic 4.0 is only compatable with the BHT 300 Terminal.
[C] BHT Transfer Utilities
Transfer Utilities suitable for data transfer between BHT PDE units and host computer systems. Suitable for BHT 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 series now downloadable from the Denso Website at no cost - See Below.
9-3921-210-9 SW2121 BHT Basic 4 Transfer Utility $242.00 U1
9-3921-200-0 SW2120 BHT Basic 4 Transfer Utility DLL $242.00 U1
Transfer Utilities suitable for BHT 300
[D] Generic Software
These 2 programs allow for the simple collection of product code and quantity fields for basic stocktaking.
9-3152-100-1 S152-2C BHT Collect Basic (2F CSV) $88.00 U1
9-3152-200-8 S152-2T BHT Collect Basic (2F TAB) $88.00 U1
Download BHT Basic 3.6 , TSR TU3a