Banner TL70
UMD Modular Light Tower

The Banner TL70 Tower Light is a 70 mm, modular LED indicator with extremely bright and uniform light.
The modularity gives the user flexibility to customise tower lights as needed and change positions in the field.

Ordering Code

Order Code: TL70-[Option 1]-[Option 2]-[Option 3], where

  • Option 1 = Segments (add segments, starting from bottom)
  • Option 2 = Mounting Bracket
  • Option 3 = Cable


  • Light segments have user-selectable solid ON or flashing
  • Up to six colours, or five colours plus audible, in one device
  • RGB14 colour segments can be configured to display any one of 14 standard colours
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP65 housing with UV-stabilised material
  • Bright, uniform indicator segments appear gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light
  • Several connection options to choose from including M12/Euro-style quick disconnect, cabled, and terminal-wired
  • Wireless options, including bases and segments, facilitate installation and enable remote monitoring and control

Banner TL70 specification

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] UMD Kits - TL70 Light Tower Assembly
TL70-RRR-RA-Q TL70Light Stack: 3 x RBG + R/A Bracket + Cable $748.00 C3
TL70-RRRA-RA-Q TL70Light Stack: 3 x RBG + Audio + Brk+Cable $929.50 C3
[B] Vendor Kits
TL70-GS-YF-RF-AC-T-M5 TL70 tower, Green-On, Yellow flashing, Red Flashing, Audible-On, M5 $616.00 C3
[C] Components and modules
TG-6625016 RKC4.5T-2/TEL Cable, M12 5 pin Straight to Flying Lead - 2m $27.50 C3
Light Tower Mounting Accessories
BE-18348 LMB30RA TL Mounting Bracket, Right Angle, Enclosed $55.00 C3
Extension Pole (order all items)
BE-93148 SA-M30 Banner SA-M30 Streamlined Black Acetal Stand Off Pipe Adaptor/Cover wtih M30x1.5 Threads $33.00 C3
BE-10443 AOP-E12-150A Banner Accessory - 150mm Elevated Use Stand Off. 0.5 Anodised Aluminium Pipe, 1/2 NPT Thread Both Ends $33.00 C3
BE-88256 SA-F12 BannerAccessory, Mounting Base 70mm Black Painted Zinc, 0.5 NPSM/DN12 Pipe $33.00 C3
[D] Support Services
UMD Engineering Services
For custom design of a light stack to suit your requirements contact