Accessories - Cash Drawers

Following is a list of common accessories and options for POS cash drawers.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Extension Cables (for Base Cash Drawers 12/24V solenoid)
1-0163-006-1 M6P6C-Coupler Conn, Modular In-Line Coupler 6x6 $7.70 A
2-6109-010-9 CA6109-1 Modular 6x6 to 6x6 - 1m $8.80 U1
2-6109-020-8 CA6109-2 Modular 6x6 to 6x6 - 2m $8.80 U1
Coupler and Cable need to be ordered
[B] Cash Drawer Lids and Inserts
9-7803-109-9 BCT410-IN Cash Drawer Insert $55.00 A
9-7803-490-8 BCT410-LL Cash Drawer Lockable Lid $77.00 A
9-0534-180-2 GC34-IN Cash Drawer Insert #VALUE! U1
9-0535-900-5 GC36/37-iN Cash Drawer insert (spare) #VALUE! U1
9-0535-901-2 GC36/37-LL Cash Drawer Lockable Lid #VALUE! U1
9-0537-180-9 GC54-IN GC54 Cash Drawer Insert $77.00 U1
9-0537-181-6 GC54-LL GC54 Lockable Lid #REF! U1
9-0537-182-3 GC54-CT GC54 Coin Section Only (Includes Coin Dividers) $33.00 U1
9-0532-902-2 GC100FD-LL Lockable Lid #VALUE! U1
6-0125-901-4 M125-IN Cash Drawer Insert $88.00 U1
6-0125-902-2 M125-LL Cash Drawer Lockable Lid $79.20 U1
[C] Cash Drawers Keys
0-1000-020-5 BCD410 Lock and Key $18.70 C5
HE11009 BCD410 Spare Key Set of 2 $18.70 C5
KEY-010 M125 Key Spare 010, M125/8/9 $24.20 C5
KEY-313 CD210 Set - 2 Key Spare ,CD210 $16.50 C5
KEY-3585 M126 Key Spare A01 $24.20 C5
KEY-78020 CDY410 Key and Lock Assy $30.80 C5
KEY-CDJ+ CDJ400 Key & Lock set $26.40 C5
KEY235 GC54 / 52 Lock and 2 keys set $28.60 C5
For Casio DL-3615 use KEY-010
[D] Mounting Brackets
9-0539-901-4 GC3x-MBw GC34/36/37 Under Bench Mounting Bracket (white) #VALUE! U1
9-0539-902-1 GC3x-MBb GC34/36/37 Under Bench Mounting Bracket (black) #VALUE! U1
[E] Trigger Modules
9-0316-110-5 M316P-D9 Cash Drawer Trigger Module with RS232 D9 and Plug Pack $132.00 U3
M317B200 M317 UMD Cash Drawer Trigger Module with USB Interface - Separate Cable $132.00 U