Zanthii Blue - These Places

These Places from Zanthii Blue is a compilation of original music which has a refreshing mix of new acoustic vocals and instrumentals with relaxing and melodic tones.

Zanthii Blue is Adelaide Soccio (vocals) and Rick Alexander (guitar and vocals). They've been developing their duo for the past two years and this is their first CD.

They were finalists in the 2006 The Basin Music Festival songwriting competition with the title track of the CD.


  • These Places
  • You and Me
  • It's Never Too Late
  • Fire
  • In My Dreams
  • The Colour Of Your Mind
  • Bellbrae
  • A Simple Pleasure
  • The Way
  • Life
  • I Think It's Fine
  • Anytime
  • No One Has Seen Her
  • It's Not Just A Game

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Zanthii Blue - These Places

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