Plug-In-Metal UHF RFID Tags

Xerafys Pico and Nano Wedge are designed to facilitate quick embedding of in-metal RFID tags in industrial applications. The identification of assets in industrial environments can be extremely challenging because there is a risk the attached tags may be damaged or detached in the rugged environment they inhabit. The Wedges design not only protects the chip but also enables embedded RFID in a quick, convenient and efficient way. Thanks to its innovative design, the Pico and Nano Wedge can be easily plugged into circular recesses on metallic assets without the need to mess with epoxy.


  • High performance RFID-on metal tags
  • Passive UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • IP68 rating
  • Simple Installation
  • Embedded into Metal Versions


Pico Wedge

Nano Wedge (Under Development)
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 24.2 mm x 6.2 mm 34.5 mm x 7.5 mm
Case MaterialEngineering Grade Nylon PolymerEngineering Grade Nylon Polymer
MountingPlug-In Embedded, Optional EpoxyPlug-In Embedded, Optional Epoxy
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-30to 85C-30to 85C
Application Temperature-30to 150C-30to 150C
IP ClassificationIP68IP68
Shock, Vibration, ImpactMIL-STD-810F, resistant to Mallet ImpactMIL-STD-810F, resistant to Mallet Impact
Chip Characteristics
IC TypeAlien Higgs 3Alien Higgs 3
Operating Frequency Range902 MHz - 928 MHz902 MHz - 928 MHz
Memory Configuration64-bit TID; 96-EPC bits, extendible to 480 bits64-bit TID; 96-EPC bits, extendible to 480 bits
Read RangeUpto 2.5 mUpto 4.0 m

Ordering Information and Pricing

Part Number Qty Model Number Description RRP T
[A] XERAFY Pico Wedge UHF RFID In Metal Tag

Pico Wedge

UHF RFID Embedded Diam24.2 x 6.2mm (Higss3)

$13.53 C
[B] XERAFY Nano Wedge UHF RFID In Metal Tag

Nano Wedge

UHF RFID Embedded Diam34.5 x 7.5mm (Higgs3)

$18.92 C