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RFID Container Seal

The TOPSeal is an Electronic Seal based on UHF EPC Gen2 RFID Technology.

TOPSeal RFID Seal is used in areas where long-range reading, anti-collision, multi-data reading, high speed identification and unique authentication ID functions are required. The seal also enables offline tamper verification.

The uniquely patented design of TOPSeal ensures that once the seal is applied to the container, it cannot be removed without destroying both the Seal and the ability to read the RFID data stored within it. Each Seal has a unique identification number and provision for additional EPC data to be stored. Thus any tampering of the seal becomes immediately apparent, as either the seal is missing, or if a new seal has been fitted, responds with an incorrect number. The use of UHF RFID technology enables automated seal reading via an appropriate reading portal (eg. when a container is passing a check point).

TOPSeal RFID Seal can be used for a various security seal applications such as regular containers, railroad cars, metallic pallets and in any other applications where traditional seals are used.

TOPSeal fully complies with ISO 17712 Mechanical Seal standard for overall strength.


  • Electronic Seal based on UHF EPC Gen 2 RFID Technology
  • Long read range
  • Superior performance on moving containers
  • Single use only protection from tampering
  • Overall strength fully complies with ISO17712 (Freight Containers Mechanical Seals)
  • Broad operating temperature range
  • Simple locking installation
  • RFID based on STMicroelectronics XRAG2 chip
  • 432-bit Memory
  • Supports Read, Write, Erase and Kill commands.
  • Low cost
  • Distributed and Supported by Unique Micro Design


Physical Characteristics
DimensionsCap: 63mm x 23.9mm
Bolt: 74.9mm x 9.9mm
Sealed: 112mm x 23.9mm
StrengthRally 10.0 kNHigh security seal
Shear 341 kg-fHigh security seal
Bending force 50 Nm High security seal
Impact of: Low temperature impact load 40.68 J
High temperature impact load 40.68 J High security seal
MechanicalComplies to ISO/PAS 17712
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-30C to +85C
Temperature Change Rate2C /minute
Water ResistanceIP5x compliant
Radio Characteristics
Standard/ChipSTM XRAG2
Read FrequencyEPCglobal UHF
Read/Write StandardsEPC C1 Gen2
Read Distance2 - 20m (depends on Reader configuration)
Data Transfer SpeedTo the Tag: 128kbps
From the Tag: 640kbps

Ordering Information and Pricing

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