_CSL - CS6670
UHF Wristband RFID Tag

The CSL CS6670 is a member of the CSL wrist watch passive tag family for personnel tracking. This tag provides long read range with high performance RFID readers and is suitable for personnel or access control applications, such as patient, child or elderly person tracking, tracking of construction workers and security guards, etc. The longer read range of UHF based tags allows easier identification of persons in various areas.


  • Optimized for personnel tracking, mounting on the wrist.
  • Standard watch form factor for maximum comfort to users for prolonged wearing.
  • Works with far field readers
  • Country specific versions in terms of frequency bands
  • Rugged encapsulation for harsh environments
  • IP68 Classification
  • Reusable for lower cost per use


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions52 mm diameter x 14 mm thick, Weight: 35 g
MaterialPlastic sealed enclosure
Mounts on wrist like a watch
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-40- 85C
Ingress ProtectionIP68 (IEC60529)
Communication Characteristics
Operating Frequency Range902 to 928 MHz, other frequency bands available on request
Communication ProtocolEPC Class1 Generation 2
Read RangeApprox. 2m (dependant on reader)
Data Characteristics
MemoryFor Higgs3 based version: 96 bits Bank 1 R/W, 96 bits Bank 2 with 64 bits UID, 512 bits Bank3 R/W

Ordering Information and Pricing

Part Number Qty Model Number Description RRP T
[A] Confidex Halo UHF RFID Tag