Engineering Services Division

The Engineering Services Division is the "kernel" of UMD and has established the company's reputation for quality and innovative solutions.

By implementing these principles thoughout our manufacturing facilities, the Division is very adept at designing and customising microelectronic products to meet customers specific needs on time and on budget.

One such innovation is the UMD ProtoLink technology platform, which is the basis of many UMD designed products.

ProtoLink is an extremely versatile range of electronic modules and interfaces that can be configured to meet a large range of microelectronic applications, eg. keyboards, terminal devices, interfaces, protocol converters, turnstile controllers, ticketing and entry systems, data logging, industrial controllers, etc.

The ability to render customers solutions in a cost effective innovative and timely manner continues to be the primay focus of this important Division.

By networking with other technology companies, conducting research into new applications and establishing excellent relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, the Division continually contributes to the growth of Australian IT industry.

In summary this division provides:

  • custom design of microelectronic products
  • customisation of existing products
  • product prototyping
  • manufacturing & assembly facilities
  • engineering consultancy
  • OEM and ODM products, and
  • electronic components and sub-systems

  • to meet customer specific needs.