About Us

Since 1983, Unique Micro Design (UMD) has been solving customers needs for data capture and interface, devices and solutions using fixed and mobile terminals for a wide range of applications within the supply chain, encompassing:

  • Retail Point Of Sale Terminals
  • Mobile Computer Terminals and peripherals
  • Barcoding Terminals and Printers
  • Warehouse Terminals
  • RFID Terminals
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Payment Terminals

This is achieved by using our engineering ICT solutions skills, which reflect our ability to:

  • Design; and modify electronic terminal products
  • Select; and integrate terminals from our key agencies
  • Support; through our professional, software and support services.

The company’s focus is to support System Integrators and Value added Resellers, who offer complimentary products, services and support in a broad range of industries.

To support this, UMD is divided into two sales divisions:

  • Products; and
  • Business Solutions Group

The company's commitment to design innovation, continual product development and supply of key technologies position UMD as an important supplier for systems integrators and value added resellers.